June 19, 2013

the nursery after 4 months

Now that we've been using the nursery for almost 5 months, I thought it was high time for a few updated photos. Some things have changed since we "finished" the room (I never really feel like a room is finished, since I prefer for the space to evolve with us) either for functionality or aesthetics. 

Take a peek!

We added a wooden sunburst mirror and a photo to his name wall. It feels much more balanced now. 

We moved the glider back into his room after the first few months in our bedroom and added the very stylish Freddy the Frog cool mist humidifier to help keep sniffles at bay. 

Nick found an amazing handmade paper mobile, with elephants and circus balls! Alden loves to stare at it as it gets blown by the fan. 

Many more toys and books to fill up his shelf! 

I bought a handmade drawstring laundry bag from Piggledee on Etsy to hang in his closet and we added some extra organization. 

I sorted and packed away all of his clothes into bins according to size. We have bins all the way through 12-16 mos.!

Close-up of his mobile, we've named them Frank and Gus :)

Everything else in the room is pretty much the same. We've added some things to his little shelves on the wall, like a wooden elephant from Busch Gardens (sent by Grandma Wiese) and a tooth fairy box (from Mimi and PopPop Palmer), and obviously, some days there are clothes and toys in the floor :) I still love his room every time we walk in and so far the space is working fine. I think as Alden gets bigger and more mobile, we will start looking for some smarter storage solutions that help to maximize the small area's functionality but for now, it's cozy and Alden smiles every time we go in :) We say, "Hi Room!" and he grins so big. It is so sweet :) 

And even though it may sometimes look like this:

and other times like this:

 As long as we enjoy it, I'm okay with a little bit of mess :)

story time with my boy :)                        

much love, L&N

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