August 28, 2012

16 week appointment

We had our 16 week appointment on Monday and it went great! Heartbeat sounded good, had blood drawn for the Quad Screen (a screening test for neural tube defects and chromosomal abnormalities) and SET UP OUR APPOINTMENT FOR THE GENDER SCAN!! (Can you tell I'm a little excited? haha)

We are scheduled to have our 20 week ultrasound on September 17th and are really, really excited to find out whether little Marvs is a girl or boy! We're going to have to decide on what cute way we want to share the news so there may be a couple days delay before we announce it, but rest assured, we definitely won't be able to keep it a secret for long!

Our appointment this week was actually our first appointment with our new midwife and we really liked the experience! We were originally seeing an OB/GYN that I had been to for routine care but after a few visits with their practice and becoming familiar with their physicians and policies, decided to look around at other options. My original doctor there was amazing and we really enjoyed her but the practice requires all patients to be seen on a rotating basis by all three of the physicians and we really didn't like one of them. Enough so that we decided we would be seriously upset if she ended up delivering the baby and thought it was best to look elsewhere.

Look out for another post with details on how we chose the midwifery service, the hospital we'll deliver at, and our choices for birth and prenatal care!

I've also gotten my hands on the first book I'm reading specifically to prepare for labor. I realized that I had been reading (both for school and myself) a TON about pregnancy but I hadn't dove into labor preparation yet. Since I'm a bona-fide over-preparer, I figured 4 months in was as good a time as any! I have about 5 books on hold at the library and have spent the morning getting started on the first one, Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds by Cynthia Gabriel. I am a nerd and I am excited! :)

I'm really hoping to deliver naturally using non-interventional methods of pain relief (like Lamaze and water laboring) and this book seemed like a great resource for those of us who might, in another life, have chosen to do a home birth but have decided to stick with the security of a hospital for one reason or another.

More to come soon: the 16 week photo (with a real bump now!), choosing a midwife post and some small nursery updates, and the beginning of our registry :) Oh yeah, and our inevitable Facebook reveal!

much love, L&N

August 15, 2012

14 week photo

So, we're horrible at the whole documenting-our-lives thing. We meant to take a 12 week photo and then do one photo a week after that but things got busy and I didn't really feel like I looked that much different anyway, so it ended up on the back burner.

I'm using one of the photos we took on graduation day as our 13 week photo since it happened to be right on time, but it's not as "produced" as the others. Oh well, documentation is documentation, right? :) We finally took another photo this week and since there's actually something to see now, we'll try our hardest to keep on the weekly schedule from here on out!


Foods I'm craving: comfort foods (like pasta and soups), salty snacks, coffee, and cereal

Foods I can't stand: I'm pretty much eating everything I want again but occasionally there are a few things that make me cringe, like bloody meat (steaks aren't anywhere near as good without my usual medium-rare temp) and seafood.oh, and ginger or galangal- they pretty much make me gag. 

Symptoms: headaches, stuffy sinuses, gas (I know, wonderful, huh?) and finding comfortable sleeping positions is getting harder

Maternity clothes: yep! and they're amazing :) I can still wear most of my shirts, one pair of old shorts and my pj's but any other shorts or pants are maternity now

Weddings rings (on/off): on

Favorite thing this week: not feeling nauseous or exhausted every second of the day, finally! 

much love, L&N

August 14, 2012

nursery beginnings

Hi everyone!

So, being that I LOVE to decorate, I pretty much started brainstorming the nursery as soon as that little line showed up on the pregnancy test :) There are many unfinished projects around the house that we're hoping to get completely done before we really jump into getting the baby's room started but we have begun to make some initial decisions.

I wanted to post a couple photos of what we've found/decided on so far...

P.S. please excuse the poorly lit iPhone photos. I was snapping quick shots while I was cleaning and will have much better photos later!

The dark blue is the color we currently have in our office/future nursery so ignore that :) The two colors in the swatches are the final color choices for the walls of the nursery. They're really subtle and the photo is pretty poor quality so they don't read as well here but I LOVE them in person! One wall in the nursery will be these two colors in alternating horizontal stripes and the other three walls will be the darker shade to warm everything up. The colors are both Valspar National Trust for Historic Preservation colors, the lighter is Woodlawn Bedroom White and the darker is Woodrow Wilson Putty.

Here's another shot of the colors on their own...

Oh my, we'll definitely have to get better photos! Haha :)

I love to find one piece of fabric, a pillow, or a piece of art to use as inspiration for a room's color palette and for the nursery, I found an amazing blanket that was exactly what I had been imagining at IKEA.

It's a color block woven blanket that has one stripe each of battleship gray, olive green, cream, and light turquoise. My thoughts for now are that if it's a girl we'll use turquoise and yellows as the accent colors and if it's a boy we'll use greens and darker turquoise or oranges to accent the neutral walls.

We have already purchased the wood crib and dresser in a gorgeous gray-wash finish and are so excited to set them up in the room after the painting is done! Hopefully in the next couple months...

The first pieces I bought for the room are actually a small side table and storage basket that I fell in love with at HomeGoods. They are the exact vibe that I want the nursery to have and it makes it even better that I talked the table down to $36 after finding a ding in the wood!

Here are some photos:

I love everything about this basket! The copper finish, the imperfect construction and the modern industrial inspiration are exactly what we're looking for!
A rustic top and industrial legs= love at first sight!
The top is a very, very lightly whitewashed finish on light wood
So, the beginnings of the decor with much, much more to come!

much love, L&N

announcing to the family!

Last week we decided to spill the beans to our extended families with a little photo announcement :)

We took the photo against the back of our house and made the clothesline with some thin nylon rope. We used simple wooden clothespins and shirts from our closet. Since no family photo is complete without all the pups, we included everyone's collars on the clothesline as well. We adjusted the contrast and did a little vignette effect on the edges to give it a vintage feel and I love how it turned out! I just think it's so cute! :)

Really, we were just excited to share the news with everyone else and are, most likely, going to post something on the ultimate life-sharing portal, Facebook, in the next couple weeks. We're OK with the news being quiet for a little bit longer ;) 

much love, L&N

August 1, 2012

12 week appointment

Hi everybody!

We had our 12 week appointment last week and the update is coming a little late because we had company last week and I had quite a few things to get finished before today.

Anyway, everything looked great! Marvin is measuring right on schedule and the heartbeat was strong and normal. We even got to see him flip around and kick a little on the ultrasound :) It was really, really cool...and a little strange, especially because I can't feel anything yet!

I would attach the ultrasound photos but Marvin was being exceptionally uncooperative and ended up just rolling away from the screen the whole time. The result is that he looks like a weird little blob trapped in a balloon- haha! We did get to see his face for a couple seconds when he turned and looked straight on. He looked like a little skeleton, but a very cute little skeleton :)

We're hoping to get a 12 week belly photo in a couple days and are planning a little surprise to tell the rest of our family later this week!

All of this is in the middle of my last week as a grad student! I turned in my final paper and presented my final poster this morning and am officially done with my MPH. I walk in graduation on Saturday and am excited to have my parents and brother in town to celebrate with!

much love, L&N