May 20, 2014

Mother's Day

My second Mother's Day was really wonderful.

We went to breakfast at one of our favorite local spots, Mama's Boy (a fitting restaurant for Mother's Day with my little man, don't you think?) ;)

Alden ate his fill of eggs, bacon (a rare treat), and toast and drank the majority of Daddy's mason jar of ice water since Dad's straw was so much cooler than his own.

giving us his "stink eye" :) 

my wonderful boys

Mama's Boy sits right in front of the Greenway so after we had eaten we decided to take a walk in the gorgeous weather. It was still relatively early and the trails were peaceful and relaxing. Alden actually fell asleep in the stroller which rarely happens. Just like we always say in my family, "I'm full, I'm sleepy!"

too busy to look at Mama for a picture...

We headed home after stopping by the grocery store to grab steaks for dinner (yum) We played outside, I cleaned a little and then Alden ate lunch and took his nap. I spent the majority of his nap time reading my book on the couch with the pups (glorious!) and Nick finished up my Mother's Day present. The only thing I asked for was an immaculately clean kitchen and a pedicure. I got both :)

After Alden's nap, I headed to the nail salon and the boys went to Target and Office Depot for a little Daddy-Son time. I enjoyed my relaxing pedicure and met the boys at HomeGoods to head home after a little browsing (side note: I think I found a few things for Alden's new bathroom design!).

We had a pretty normal evening while Alden ate dinner and Nick got the grill going for our steaks. We used a gift card from Nick's parents (leftover from our anniversary) to pick up the rest of dinner at Outback. The blue cheese chopped pecan salad is a favorite of ours and their clam chowder is amazing! And I can't forget the bubbly. Champagne is my absolute favorite so it was a Mother's Day must :)

I hope all the Mamas out there had an equally enjoyable day. Whether you hold your child in your arms, are waiting for your child to arrive, are wishing for a child, or are grieving a child, I remember you and hope that Mother's Day was a day of peace all around.

much love, L&N

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