June 23, 2014

Father's Day

According to Nick, we had a wonderful Father's Day :) It was relaxing but fun and we managed to check off everything on Nick's list! 

We started out the morning letting Daddy sleep in while Alden and I played a little and then I made him his breakfast. When Nick woke up, he headed out to grab us his Father's Day breakfast-of-request, McDonald's and a coffee from Starbucks. Yep, you heard that right. He wanted to eat junk food for breakfast :) (Don't worry, we have maybe had McDonald's breakfast once in the past year leading up to this so we're not going to have a heart attack tomorrow or anything...)

After we ate we got everybody sun-screened up and we headed to the splash pad at one of our local parks. We've had so much fun at the splash pad this summer so far and Nick wanted to do something that he knew he and Alden would have a lot of fun doing. We packed Alden's lunch picnic style and hung out at the park, playing in the water, eating, and climbing on the playground until it was time to head home for little man's nap. 

running in the water
spinning on the water fountain

While Alden slept and Nick relaxed on the couch I made a lemon chiffon pie (SO DELICIOUS!) for dessert that night. Nick loves lemon desserts and had sent me this recipe a few weeks prior after he ran across it online so I decided it would be the perfect summer Father's Day treat.

And then, after all that work, this happened...

Alden decided to taste it ;) 
We saved the handprint for last because we thought it was too cute to eat right away. It may go down as one of my favorite memories :)

Even though Nick was "supposed" to be relaxing, he ended up getting fidgety and went outside to trim the bushes in the front of the house instead :) I was in the kitchen and he came up to me and said, "I know I'm not supposed to do anything today but I really would just like to go get the bushes trimmed." It made me laugh and I told him that, technically, he was supposed to be doing whatever he wanted  to do and if he wanted to trim the bushes, then he should get to it!

After Alden woke up from his nap we made smoothies (Alden's first!) for a snack and then headed to Lowe's. It surely wouldn't be Father's Day in our house without a trip to Lowe's. Nick got to look at whatever he wanted and I didn't even make him wait for me to drool over paint colors ;)

first smoothie went over very well!

loving the lawn mower (mo mo, in Alden language)

We stopped by the grocery store to grab some steaks and headed home to get them on the grill and the kiddo in bed. Nick grilled the steaks up nice and yummy and we picked up salads (our favorite Blue Cheese and Pecan Chopped) and some grilled shrimp from Outback.

All in all, I had a wonderful day celebrating the fantastic father that I share my home with and I think he had a great time, too!

I still may try to pin Alden down for a little belated Father's Day crafting but we'll have to see if I can get him to sit still :)

much love,

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