June 21, 2012

telling the grandparents!

Last weekend we decided to spill the beans to our parents. We're not comfortable sharing the news with extended family or friends yet since it's still so early but it was getting really hard to keep the secret, especially with our parents!

We knew my parents were going to be here on Sunday for a quick visit so we decided to tell them in person but we wanted to tell Nick's parents on Saturday so we could send a Happy Grandfather's Day card for Father's Day without spoiling the surprise.

We actually used our blog and its inaugural post as our big reveal. It was really fun and it worked exactly like we planned! We called Nick's parents on FaceTime (like we normally do when we talk to them) to chat on Saturday night and as the conversation went on Nick casually mentioned that we had started a blog and wanted to show it to them. He emailed them the link to our page and asked them to open it and let us know what they thought. It was so great to see their reaction on the screen as they read the post and figured out the news! They were excited and happy for us and it was exactly the moment we were hoping for!

The reveal to my parents went pretty similarly except it was in person. We had just finished eating breakfast and we decided it was a good time to let them in on the secret since everyone was sitting at the table. I got my laptop and told my family that we wanted them to see our new blog. When I set the computer down on the table it took a couple seconds for them to figure out what we were telling them, but once they read the post's title there were hugs all around! My parents were happy and it was so fun to finally be able to talk about it with them. Even though my little brother, Austin, is a little shocked and weirded out by the news (understandable, it's weird to think of your siblings all grown up), I think he's excited too :) Love you, bud!

The blog really was a perfect way to share the news. It gave us the opportunity to see our parents' faces as they figured out the news and now we'll always have a record of the beginning of this journey. We are so happy to be able to share all of the little and big milestones along the way with our family and friends!

much love, L&N

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  1. John and I were at Longhorn's with mom and dad when I got your email. We were so happy!