June 26, 2012

it definitely shouldn't be called morning sickness...


has been my saving grace lately.

Turns out, for me, it's morning-noon-afternoon-late at night-every time I eat-whenever I get hungry sickness. Thankfully, no actual toilet-hugging moments but there is definitely nausea, all. the. time.

Nicholas does a great job of reminding me that feeling sick is a good thing because it means Marvin is growing & that makes me feel better for about 30 seconds until I'm reminded that I still feel like I'm hanging out on a dinghy in the middle of a hurricane. Just kidding, babe. You're totally right :)

We have our 8 week appointment on Thursday morning! So excited (& pretty nervous as well)! I really, really, really hope everything looks good.

much love, L&N

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