February 23, 2013

39 weeks (a little late)

As most of you know, we have already welcomed our little man into the world but I wanted to document the last week of my pregnancy for posterity's sake. 

At 39 weeks I was getting the feeling that we might be close to welcoming Alden. I worked all week and was having regular contractions for a few hours pretty much every morning but they never turned into labor. I made sure to take my computer and paperwork home from work on Friday, just in case, and I made sure to get all the laundry done, dishes washed, guest bedroom and bathroom cleaned, and the house tidied. 

We were fully expecting to have another week to wait but I had a nagging feeling that we needed to get some things done. Turns out that nagging feeling was right! By early Sunday morning, I was in labor. (Birth story to follow!)

Nick and I went out to a nice dinner the week before, we made sure to spend a lot of time just hanging out together, playing with the dogs, and soaking up our last days as a childless couple. I was so glad that we had taken some time out to do a few things just for us! 

our last dinner out before parenthood :)


Foods I'm craving:  sandwiches, chocolate milk and sweets

Foods I can't stand:  Nothing really...

Symptoms:  Achy back, insomnia, leg cramps (especially at night) and strong Braxton Hicks contractions

Maternity clothes: yep! 

Weddings rings (on/off): on

Favorite thing this week: Getting everything settled at home and officially packing the hospital bags! 

much love, L&N 

p.s.: I officially hit 39 weeks on Friday, February 1st and we took this photo on Sunday morning (what ended up being Alden's birthday). Obviously, this was earlier in the day and things hadn't quite gotten moving yet but I was actually in labor when we snapped this photo. :)

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