April 12, 2013

friday funnies.

Since it's Friday (wahoo!) and since this blog has recently been taken over by a tiny little guy's activities, I thought I'd give you a little peek into the non-baby related lives of Nick and I.

Selected text conversations from this week:

(background: I got pumpkin bread at a local bakery, Ike and Jane, for breakfast this morning when we stopped for coffee; I also got a pumpkin muffin at Panera a couple weeks ago) 

(I had voiced my interest on this topic the night before...Nick was obviously not as interested as I was)

(I was trying to get all the different coffee drinks straight- I like cafè au lait, but Starbucks calls that a Misto. always gotta to be confusing, Starbucks. but props on providing health care to all employees. that's pretty cool of you.)

Have a happy weekend! :)

much love, L&N

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