July 11, 2013

my son's father.

This post is way, way too late. but...I have reasons.

I totally dropped the ball on Father's Day. Nick had left Mother's Day plans kind of in my court and since I wanted to have a really chill day, it worked out that we didn't have a lot of "stuff" planned. I definitely hemmed and hawed about where/whether to go out to eat and as soon as I even hinted at a place, Nick had called and made a reservation "just in case" I decided that I wanted to head out for brunch. Since it had worked out so well for us to have a relaxed approach to Mother's Day, I assumed the same would work for Father's Day and maybe it would have, had the universe (& my ball-dropping abilities) not transpired against us.

First, I told Nick that we would do anything he wanted :) He decided that he would like to go out to lunch and probably just go walk around Lowe's and do guy stuff. Since Alden is still so young, his ideal day of eating out and going to the movies wasn't exactly in the cards :(

Well, Father's Day rolls around and we've just begun the sleep training journey. It's the first weekend of our new nap schedule and, so far, things are going great! Until Alden falls asleep for his "morning" nap late enough that he's still sleeping when Nick decides that he's starving to death and can't wait to head to a restaurant. So...we eat lunch at home and talk about going out to dinner instead. That plan gets messed up by the baby sleep schedule, too, so we order takeout (Carrabba's, at Nick's request-with a gift card) and eat a really late dinner after finally getting the baby to sleep. Also, June was a tight month financially and (even though I now regret saying anything) I had mentioned to Nick that we needed to be extra conscious of money. Since my husband is awesome, he got worried about going out to eat for Father's Day and the extra expense. *disclaimer: I had budgeted money specifically for Father's Day festivities, so we would have been fine but Nick felt bad since I had mentioned something about money...my bad. This was all remedied by ordering in and using a gift card to offset the cost, I felt better because Nick at least got something special and he felt better because we didn't spend as much to get it.

The problem is that the day passed without a whole lot of "to do" and I still feel horrible about it. We don't generally buy each other presents for anything except Christmas and Birthdays (and even then, we put a low price limit on them) so I was counting on our day's activities to be his "You Are An Amazing Father" gift. Nick says that he was fine with how the day went and that he wasn't upset and maybe he really does feel completely fine about it- but I don't. :(

Which leads me to...

Do-Over Father's Day!

I am planning a Do-Over Father's Day for my main squeeze (actually, I already planned to but another weekend got weird with scheduling so we still haven't done it) where we will go out to eat, hang out at Lowe's, watch a totally "guy" movie at home with candy and popcorn, and do anything else he wants to do :) He, again, tells me this isn't necessary but I really want to make sure I show him what he means to me and our family. It's important to me to do this for him, even if he doesn't really mind one way or another ;)

We probably won't celebrate our Do-Over day for another couple of weeks because we'll be traveling but I'll be sure to post all about it when we do!

our little guy helping Daddy read his Father's Day cards :)


You are everything, and more, that I EVER could have asked for in a husband and father for Alden. I thank my lucky stars every day (really, every. day.) that I have you with me to travel this road. I honestly don't know how I would do it without you. You are supportive, helpful, and so loving to both me and our little boy. 

It makes me so happy to see his face light up when you walk into the room and to hear his giggles as he plays with you. Watching you teach him and love him is one of the greatest pleasures of my life and I can't wait to see who he becomes with your influence under his wings. One day, Alden will make someone as happy as you have made me and it'll be because he learned from you. Everything he knows about being a father, a husband, and a man will come from his Dad and I couldn't be any more proud that his Dad is you. 

You are, have always been, and will forever be my happily ever after. 

We love you. Forever and ever. 


p.s. When I'm finally okay to leave him with a babysitter, we should go on a date. haha ;) 

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