August 20, 2013

blog pause

Hi everyone! Just wanted to drop in to say that even though things have been quiet on the blog front lately, I've got stuff in the hopper ;)

I have a million posts that are sitting as drafts and just have to be finished- a bunch of them are informational (cloth diapers, another "things we couldn't live without", etc.), a couple are just about life, and another couple are part of a new series I'm trying to start called Local Love where I'll feature posts about Athens-based businesses, services, etc. I'm also in the process of working on my Simple series but it turns out that cleaning out/simplifying every room in your house takes a whole lot longer when you only have nap times to work with ;)

Also, I'm in the process of moving the blog...which is the real reason things have been so bare. I'm not a huge fan of Blogger so I'm trying out other options and am moving really slow with the actual decision-making.

Moral of this rambling story: stay tuned!


much love, L&N

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