August 26, 2013

local love: Bear Hollow Zoo at Memorial Park

This weekend we spent part of our Saturday at Bear Hollow Zoo at Memorial Park. We didn't even know that this little gem existed in Athens until earlier this year when we were invited to celebrate a friend's little boy's 2nd birthday there.

The park is literally 2 miles from our front door and there is a lake, picnic shelters, a pool that's open in the summer, and a little zoo! The zoo is an outdoor walking path that snakes through various exhibits and habitats of native Georgia wildlife. There are aligators, beavers, deer, turkeys, a reptile house, an aviary with hawks and bald eagles, pheasants, bobcats, and BEARS. Of course, Bear Hollow Zoo has to have bears :) The bears are our favorite part because they're usually sleeping or otherwise ignoring the people staring at them and it feels like you're actually seeing what bears would do during their day.

It's a small place but we find it really relaxing and educational each time we go. The first time we were there Alden was only 3 months old and, obviously, he didn't really get in on the action but this weekend he seemed to really be starting to enjoy himself. He was fascinated watching the beavers swimming in their pond and building their dams :) Even if Alden spent more time playing with his sippy cup than learning about animals, it's a great way to get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

much more interested in his cup than Mama :)

inside the zoo

checking out a snake in the reptile house

he really loved the turtles!

Daddy showing me some animals :)


sleepy bear

happy family :)
If you live in the Athens area, you really should head on over to Memorial Park and spend some time. It's a great way to enjoy our little town :)

much love, L&N

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