December 4, 2013

6 month photos that turned into 8 month photos

Way back in May, a local photographer, Anna Inabinet of ai creative, was offering mini sessions as a special for Mother's Day. I jumped on the opportunity because I wanted to try and get professional photos as often as possible in Alden's first year (babies change so fast and the first year is so exciting).

We had our mini session…

and fell in love with the photos (and the photographer). We vowed to call her up again when Alden turned one and we wanted some 1 year old photos to add to our walls. Well, the universe was listening to my wish for as many photos as I could afford, and Anna decided to start offering mini sessions every month of the year! With that kind of deal, who can pass up some 6 month photos as well?!

Alden's 6 month "birthday" rolls around (August) and we end up having a really tight month financially so we decide to put off the mini session until September. Then, in September, the mini sessions are scheduled for the same weekend as my birthday when my parents, brother and his girlfriend are coming into town to celebrate (and, coincidentally, I end up deathly ill). Anna offered to let us reschedule our mini to the next weekend so it wasn't so chaotic with family in town, etc. (so super cool of her!). Life happened and we ended up not trying to reschedule until it was practically October. Since Anna already had her October sessions scheduled, we ended up just slipping into a time slot during her mini session day to help keep the confusion to a minimum.

And that is how 6 month photos turn into 8 month photos :)

Even so, they are fantastic and I am even more in love with them than I thought I would be. Our child is gorgeous and he has such an amazing personality, of course the photos would be delightful! :) But really, Alden was at such a great age for these photos, he was able to pay attention and be involved a little which led to some really sweet shots.

I cannot say enough good things about Anna, she is so easy to work with, is comfortable to be around and has a fantastic eye. If you live in Athens, go now and book a session with her! You won't be disappointed :)

look at that little face!

he had just started standing, boy how 2 months will change things!

my boys :) 

eating the grass :) 

pure joy

I mean, really people, isn't he just the most beautiful baby you've ever seen?! Ignore the fact that I am completely biased and just agree with me ;)

much love, L&N


  1. Anna's photos are awesome!!! I love all of yours- she does such great work. Alden is so sweet and smiley in these too- I love it :) We just got our proofs yesterday and I'm loving all of them!

  2. You guys are too much!! Warms a girl's heart (and confidence)!!