October 21, 2013

birthday weekend

So, about a month ago I turned 29 and my little brother turned 21 (yep, we have the same birthday)! Since 21 is a milestone worth celebrating, the whole family came into town to visit and celebrate :)

We had grand plans for the weekend but I ended up getting deathly ill on Friday (I mean, really. Fever of 102, emergency trip to the Dr., a shot of antibiotics and a prescription for more, chills, stuck in bed kind of sick) and some of our plans had to be adjusted. Since the Doc gave me a shot of antibiotics at the office on Friday afternoon (those things are amazing) and since my fever broke late on Friday evening, I was feeling good enough on Saturday to hang out with everyone (with a couple of strategic naps slipped in to the schedule).

I don't have a ton of photos from the weekend (you know, the whole sick thing) but here are a few :)

Austin opening presents birthday morning :)

Austin and sweet Sarah before our birthday dinner

Non-twin twins before dinner :) 

Alden ate his dinner with us and he loved the restaurant!

Mama and little bro

Austin, Sarah, and Daddy

family :) 

the whole gang! (with Alden staring at his Uncle Austin)

I even managed to wring out an hour or so of energy that night to take Austin and Sarah to one of our favorites spots in Athens for his first legal drink! (Please forgive my appearance in the following photos-I was still pretty definitively under the weather)

headed to Blue Sky

my little Bud is all grown up! :( 

first time out together without Alden
Cheers to another wonderful year! 

We spent the rest of the weekend shopping, eating yummy food, and relaxing at home. It was a wonderful way to spend the beginning of my 29th year :) 

I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend, little brother! I am so glad everyone was able to come up to share in the celebration! 

much love, L&N

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