January 27, 2014

Mama Moments: Vol 2

Oh, kiddo, how did I get so lucky to be your Mama? Here are some things that have stopped me still the past few months and made me think, "oh wow, this Mama thing is great". I love you so very much.

-the sitting spin you do on the wood floors- it's so funny to watch you spin yourself around and around! 
-your thinking face. you pay so much attention to the world and I love watching you learn new things
-the way you stop crawling just long enough to look back and laugh when we "chase" you
-seeing that you understand what we're saying and knowing that you're just a few months away from telling us all sorts of stories in return 
-the way you give hugs.you give great hugs!
-the kisses you give Daddy and I in the morning when we're cuddling in the big bed. and how you, without us asking, go back and forth between us giving as many kisses as we can stand :)
-the giggle you have when you ask Maverick for kisses and he won't stop licking you
-feeling like there's no where I would rather be when I'm hanging out with my boys
-hearing you use your first word (dog!) and seeing your face light up as you learn more 
-the way you hold my hand while you nurse to sleep at night and curl the other one up around my shirt
-the way you peek around things when you really want to see what's going on. you get a serious look on your face and you lean as far as you can around whatever's in your way :)
-when you dance
-the giggle I hear when you're playing with my jacket while we grocery shop
-the "uh-oh" game
-how fascinated you are with the outside world. Your Daddy abad I can't wait for Spring so we can have all sorts of fun in the backyard :)

and so much more.

I love you, my sweet boy.


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