April 8, 2014

VoxBox: Annie's Homegrown

I was so excited to receive a complimentary Annie's Homegrown family size frozen meal VoxBox from Influenster a few weeks ago! We never buy those family-sized frozen meals for dinner since they're really not that good for you and are full of preservatives, etc. So when I received a voucher for an Annie's Homegrown meal, I was ready to try it. Anything to make dinner a little easier AND that has organic, natural ingredients is a definite go in my book!

We grabbed our frozen meal at Target and cooked it up on a weeknight when we were feeling especially rushed. While it takes a little while to bake, it was definitely easier to just pop it in the oven and wait instead of being stuck in the kitchen preparing a meal. Our dinner was baking while we got Alden bathed and in bed and it gave me time to get a load of laundry going and the dishwasher running. Talk about efficiency :)

looks like a bona-fide homemade lasagna, right?!

In the end, the meal was really delicious (although a little small to be able to feed a whole family). We were hoping to get two nights of dinner out of it but we ended up eating the whole thing in one night (it's a little small and we may have been starving since we hadn't eaten lunch that day...). We rounded it out with some crusty baguette, red wine, and a homemade salad and had a great little-to-no-effort meal on the table in no time. We would certainly eat one of these again. I felt great knowing that there wasn't anything on the ingredient list that I couldn't have pulled out of my own pantry and, if there hadn't been cheese in it, I would have gladly given it to Alden as well.

bad lighting. good food. 

yes, we eat dinner while watching TV. and no, we don't feel bad about it ;)

The next time you're at Target, use the coupon HERE to pick one up for yourself and have a relaxed, "home-cooked" meal in no time! :) Bon app├ętit, everyone!

much love, L&N

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