August 29, 2014

my favorite Alden words

Alden learned how to take a selfie! 

As I walked around the house with Alden this morning trying to get him ready for school I thought to myself, "I hope I never forget what his little baby voice sounds like." I've had that thought a million times and a million times I've immediately followed it with, "I should really write down some of his words so I at least have a record of how cute they were."

Well, now I'm actually doing it :)

Here are some of my favorite and most notable Alden words:
*note: I have no idea how to correctly type pronunciations so just run with it

Open= o-po
Bug= buuh
Please= pwee (usually in rapid succession because he has no patience. haha)
Thank you= tay-tay
Pasta= pah-pah
Far Far= sha sha (Nick's dad. Far Far is Danish for Grandfather)
Lizard= zhh-zhh
Water= ahwah
Milk= mih
Outside= a-side
Airplane= eh-pane
Scooter= coo-coo
Mavy= maa-my
Brinkley= Bi-Bi
Buster (his real beagle)= Buh-Buh
Copper (his stuffed beagle)= cah-cah
Paci= pappi
Book= booh
Door= doh
Shoe= joo
Alden= A-do
Play= pway
iPad= eye pah
Phone= wohn
Mower= mow-mow
Stinky= teenky

He also says (in his own way):

All gone!
Bye bye (usually while waving and grinning like an idiot) :)
No! No! (while shaking his finger at whatever is displeasing him)
Go, go. (Especially directed at the dogs when they beg for food or, more recently, at the sun when it shines in his eyes)
Mimi (my mom)
PopPop (my Dad)
Grandma (Nick's mom)

Just thinking about his little voice makes me smile :) I try to get him talking on video all the time but when he sees the phone out all he wants to do is call one of his grandparents! (Can you tell he's a kid that's grown up with FaceTime?!) We hear, "wohn. wohn. Mimi? Sha Sha?"

One day I'll be telling him how cute he used to sound when he wanted something really bad ("Pwee! Pwee! Pwee!) and he'll just say, "Ugh. Mom." and walk away :) He'll always be my baby.

much love, L&N

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