July 1, 2012

8 week appointment

Last Thursday, we went for our 8 week prenatal appointment and ultrasound. It's been really great to get to go to the doctor every couple weeks and see what's going on but now we have the typical one month wait before the next appointment :( I'm already counting down to the 12 week appointment because we'll really be able to see some major changes at that point.

Here's the ultrasound photo:

Still doesn't look like much, but the blob is definitely bigger! Marvin's measuring right on schedule (actually a couple days ahead of where he should be...maybe we have a giant on our hands) and the heartbeat was 159 bpm; right where it should be.

It really is cool to see what's going on and to hear the heartbeat but it still feels a little like nothing's going on in there (for me, at least). I mean, I get the nausea and the fatigue and I know that's because of Marvin but there are times when I think, "Is there really anything happening in there?" I think when it starts to look more like a baby it'll feel more real when we see the ultrasound screen :)

We've started talking about finding the perfect OB and picking out nursery furniture. I know, it may be a little early to be worrying about nursery furniture but we're graduate students (meaning limited funds) who like to plan for things like this ;) We're currently seeing a doctor who is part of a practice with three other doctors and they have a policy that requires all patients to rotate through all the physicians during the prenatal period, without getting "assigned" to one doctor. That also means that when you go into labor, you end up with whatever doctor is on call. We decided that this set-up would have been OK with us if we liked all the doctors equally but after meeting a different doctor last week, we've decided that we don't like her as well. This means we're on the hunt for the perfect doctor! We're going to tour a midwifery center here in Athens in a couple weeks and we'll be getting recommendations from friends as soon as we share the news. Hopefully, we can find someone we're both comfortable with and who fits with what we're looking for!

much love, L&N

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