August 1, 2012

12 week appointment

Hi everybody!

We had our 12 week appointment last week and the update is coming a little late because we had company last week and I had quite a few things to get finished before today.

Anyway, everything looked great! Marvin is measuring right on schedule and the heartbeat was strong and normal. We even got to see him flip around and kick a little on the ultrasound :) It was really, really cool...and a little strange, especially because I can't feel anything yet!

I would attach the ultrasound photos but Marvin was being exceptionally uncooperative and ended up just rolling away from the screen the whole time. The result is that he looks like a weird little blob trapped in a balloon- haha! We did get to see his face for a couple seconds when he turned and looked straight on. He looked like a little skeleton, but a very cute little skeleton :)

We're hoping to get a 12 week belly photo in a couple days and are planning a little surprise to tell the rest of our family later this week!

All of this is in the middle of my last week as a grad student! I turned in my final paper and presented my final poster this morning and am officially done with my MPH. I walk in graduation on Saturday and am excited to have my parents and brother in town to celebrate with!

much love, L&N

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  1. ok this is my last comment of the night...I've pretty much read the entire blog out loud to john, mom, and dad. We are so happy for you guys and I officially have a new blog to stalk now. YAY! Love y'all!