December 19, 2012

a little more nursery...

We've actually gotten quite a bit done in the nursery but I'm trying to save a lot of the progress for one big nursery reveal post when everything is finished so I'll show some "sneak peek" stuff for now...

Here's our giant to-do list (with the stuff we've already completed crossed off):

- paint walls/ stripes
- install new blinds
- put together crib and dresser
- arrange furniture in final layout
- paint/wallpaper/cover the backs of the white shelves we already own
- make & hang DIY-ed cornice board
- make crib skirt/attach to crib (there may be one more step to this that hasn't been done yet...)
- DIY some cool toy storage bins for the shelves
- find two table lamps for the dresser and "breastfeeding corner"
- find floor lamp for extra lighting
- install baby monitor
- clean out closet/ create a new organization system in there (we've made some decisions on organization and purchased some stuff already...this may be a project that gets delayed for a while since we'd like to wait and invest in a system we really like instead of doing it halfway now)
- repaint trim in crisp white/ touch-up baseboards
- search for a new feeding chair? (there's a story behind this...)
- decide on and hang art (this is in progress- some art is already made and ready to hang, other pieces are still twinkles in my eye)
- make cool name art out of wooden letters
- DIY a changing pad cover
- DIY cloth wipes (this one's in progress, too. i've been fighting with my sewing machine.)

I'm sure there's other stuff but that's the big here are some photos of stuff that's been done.

note: please excuse the poorly-lit iPhone photos, when we do the final reveal I'll use the real camera :)

painting the stripes

finished stripe wall!

one piece of some art I DIYed with watercolors

putting together furniture

at least he has a place to sleep :)

Brinkley's favorite new hiding spot

Maverick helping with the drawers 


beginning of cloth wipes...

cloth wipes in progress...

 Mod Podge name letters

ribbon edge on cornice board

DIYed cornice board 

a shot of the corner of the room...still very messy!

Again, bad photos but you get an idea of some of the stuff we have in the pipeline! I'm excited to get a lot of finishing touches done in the next week so that we can start feeling like the room is ready to be used :) 

We have Centering tonight and we're going on a tour of the labor & delivery and mother & baby units so maybe we'll do a post on that. Also, I have tutorial posts for the name letters, cornice board and other crafty things that I'll try to post in the next week for anyone who's thinking about trying some of those Pinterest projects you've been pinning ;)

much love, L&N

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