September 3, 2012

16 week photo

Hi everybody!

Here's our (late) 16 week photo...and a new haircut!

There's finally something to see that looks more like a baby and less like too much pizza :) I actually had a woman ask me how far along I was when getting my hair cut and even though I thought to myself, "Wow, you have guts to ask that to a stranger!" it was nice to know that I actually looked pregnant and not just chubby :)

Also, for some reason, I look really washed out in this photo. Maybe the background color? I'm not sick or anything...I guess my skin just doesn't agree with teal walls :)

When I started having trouble getting into comfortable sleeping positions I went and ordered the Summer Prenatal Pillow from Bed, Bath, & Beyond after reading reviews that it was amazing. It came in last week and I have to say, this pillow has changed my life. For anyone, really anyone, out there who can't get comfortable because of back problems or injuries, go buy this pillow! It's a little pricey for a pillow but it has certainly paid for itself in restful nights. Even Nick loves it!


Foods I'm craving: nothing consistent except sandwiches (which I mostly can't eat) and yummy fall beers (like our local Terrapin Pumpkinfest and Sam Adams fall sampler, which just showed up at our grocery store)

Foods I can't stand: the only things that still make me a little queasy are ginger, galangal, and some seafood like crab (it just smells rotten). I can eat shrimp and fish, though. Weird. 

Symptoms: headaches, bloating, having to pee all the time. nothing too horrible- I'm definitely enjoying being pregnant at this point :) 

Maternity clothes: definitely. I can still wear dresses and some shirts from before baby but many of my t-shirts are getting tight and I had to buy some new pj shorts and pants as well

Weddings rings (on/off): on

Favorite thing this week: figuring out that I can eat sandwiches from Firehouse because they steam the meat on everything! Glory, hallelujah! 

much love, L&N

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