September 24, 2012


It's ridiculous that I haven't updated about this yet! I graduated with my Master in Public Health on August 4 and the weeks leading up to and right after were a little packed, so blogging went by the wayside for a little while :)

It was wonderful to have my family here to celebrate the conclusion of two years of hard work! I really couldn't have done it without the support of my absolutely amazing husband and my family and friends. I can't even count how many nights the kitchen was a mess and the laundry wasn't done because I was busy with schoolwork, or how many times we didn't meet up with friends during the week because I had something stressful to handle. I'm so proud to be finished (and to have done it with a 3.84 GPA- woot woot!) but I'm a little sad that I won't be spending time with my wonderful classmates and professors anymore. My program was a wonderful mix of learning, collaboration and inspiration- on a daily basis- and I'm sure I will miss the HPAM offices soon enough!

Here are some photos of the day...

My (not-so-little) little brother and I

with the Hubs

Momma and Daddy 

The whole family (including baby)! 

It was a great day even though I was just barely out of the 1st trimester and everything I ate was still making me nauseous :) I love having my family around and we had a great time just hanging out. We went to Etienne (in Athens and one of our favorite places) for a celebratory dinner where my sweet parents gave me a GORGEOUS pair of earrings and set it up with the restaurant to bring out a chilled bottle of sparkling grape juice for me to toast with. It was a wonderful way to end the two years of work that I put in and to celebrate the beginning of my career! 

much love, L&N

p.s. I have a ton of stuff to update, so many posts on their way!

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