September 27, 2012

a sad goodbye

Yesterday, we said a very sad goodbye to our pup, Schnitzle. He was almost 16 years old and had been my best canine friend since I was 12 (and in eighth grade). I miss him terribly and, even though we were prepared for his passing, I don't think I'll be able to think about him without crying for a while. He slept with me, let me cuddle him when I was upset and was generally an amazing, loving, and wonderful dog. I will miss his smell, the way he bounced in the air when he was excited, his stubbornness (like a true Dachshund), the digging game, his love of dismembering stuffed animals, the way he would look around for me whenever I left the room and how he would cuddle right up next to you on the couch.

Schnitzle went into the end stages of kidney failure about 3 weeks ago after, probably, months of slow progression of the disease. He was very active and alert up until about a week ago when the toll on his body became overwhelming. We made sure he was comfortable and cared for at home as long as we thought it was fair to him. By the end of the journey, his body was exhausted and it was time to say goodbye.

Through all the sadness that an ailing pet brings, it also reminds us why we love them so much in the first place. They provide everyday joy and hold a special and important place in our families. They love us even when we don't always deserve it, they get excited to see us even when we've been gone for 5 minutes and they make us laugh when we feel like crying. I hope everyone has a chance to have a pet that makes them as happy as ours make us and that they have as many wonderful years with them as we had with Schnitzy-bug.

We are very, very sad but so happy to have known such a wonderful pup and to have shared our lives with him every day.

much love, L&N

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