October 21, 2012

a tiny amount of nursery progress

We're getting closer and closer to baby being here and we only have the walls primed...eek!

Even though we have plenty of time to finish painting and putting furniture together, I still feel anxious about how much is left to finish. Hopefully once we really get going, it'll all come together pretty fast.

You can see in these photos that we also updated the blinds in the room, which has made a HUGE difference! The old blinds were cheap, cream colored and falling apart. We chose to go the relatively inexpensive route and get the molded plastic plantation blinds (which we have in other places of the house) to replace them and I love the way they make the room look so much more put together.

Cheers (with my water, of course) to more nursery projects getting done soon!

much love, L&N

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