October 22, 2012

24 week belly!

Wow! I can't believe we're already at the 6 month mark! I'd like to think that I've been handling the preparations and changes pretty well so far but my luck seems to have run out :/ The past week has been a little bumpy as far as mental stability goes ;) I have officially had my first freak out about being ready for him to get here and not having enough time to do all of the things I feel we need to get done. I had a couple of nights in a row laying awake, mind racing, for hours on end and have literally felt my blood pressure rising on a few occasions when I let myself get overwhelmed. Luckily, I have an AMAZING husband who knows exactly what to say to help calm me down and understands me well enough to know, even though I don't always reach out in obvious ways when I'm working through something, just the right way to support me without overwhelming me. Really, even if he doesn't know it, he always does the right thing to make it better. (Nick, I. LOVE. YOU. !!)

I've finally started gaining weight on a semi-normal basis and am up to 150 lbs (a total of 8 pounds gained). My back has started to bother me when I sit or lay in the same position for too long or when I'm not as active as usual during the day but other than that, I am pretty much complaint-free :) 

Nick was able to feel the baby kick for the first time last week and it was pretty awesome. As the momma, you get to know the baby so well without even realizing it so it's really special when the daddy gets to experience some of the cool parts, too. 


Foods I'm craving: Like usual, all the stuff I can't have. I've been really wanting Coke lately (but, of course, have been severely limiting my intake) and honestly would have committed a crime for some Fresh Market chicken salad when Nick tried a sample at the store. 

Foods I can't stand: I haven't been in the mood for spicy stuff or for some of our go-to ethnic dishes like curry, chicken tikka masala or enchiladas. 

Symptoms: getting winded when I walk up flights of stairs, backaches at the end of the day and my skin has been completely crazy!

Maternity clothes: yep! 

Weddings rings (on/off): on

Favorite thing this week: Definitely the moment when Nick was able to feel him kick for the first time. :)

much love, L&N 

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