May 29, 2013


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this post on my adorable cousin, Anna's, blog announcing their pregnancy made me realize that even with the best of intentions, I never went back and told the story of how we found out we were pregnant. Since it was a pretty exceptional day in our lives, I'm going to take advantage of the one year anniversary of that day and recap here.

-May 29, 2012-

2:30 pm

Laura gets in the hot car to drive home from the CDC in Atlanta, where she's been working all day at her internship. As she's listening to NPR, shoes off with the cruise set, relaxing after a long day of meetings and writing, she gets a weird feeling that she might be pregnant and that she should take a test when she gets home. Her brain says, "that's silly. Your period's not even due for another few days, wait until you're actually late." She ignores her brain...

4:30 pm

Laura takes a pregnancy test at home, alone (except for the dogs). The test is positive and she jumps around in the bathroom for a good 5 minutes with a ridiculous smile on her face, while dancing with a dachshund. All the other dogs stare at her in confusion and then leave the room, looking for more interesting things to do. This is about the time that she realizes maybe she should tell her husband :)

4:45 pm

Laura calls Nick, who's still at work, and calmly asks him about how long he plans on being there before heading home. Luckily, he says about an hour or so which gives her time to run to the store to get a cute card for the big announcement. She rushes out the door, returns with card in hand, and rushes  to create a last-minute "We're pregnant!" announcement before Nick gets home.

5:15 pm

Announcement is waiting on the kitchen island. Laura has decided to play it cool and hang out on the couch. She is going insane. Why can't he just come home already?!? Soon enough, she gets the text that Nick is on his way home. Only 10 more minutes until he's here!

5:30 pm

Nick comes in the door, Laura tries to continue playing it cool but ends up just acting weird instead. This prompts Nick to ask her what's wrong, all the while she's still sitting on the couch acting weird, and she has to say, "Nothing," without breaking out into a huge grin and ruining the surprise. This was a very stressful minute and a half.

5:32 pm

Nick sees the card! Asks what it is, Laura tells him it's for him. He reads it! He looks up and says, "Really?"

Laura says, "Yep," and Nick stands in the kitchen with his arms victoriously thrust above his head and a huge grin on his face.

Laura no longer has to play it cool so she gets off the couch and heads into the kitchen where a big hug is waiting!

5:35 pm

We both realize how surreal this is, giggle with happiness and proceed to make dinner, without opening the wine :)

4 days Ali & Mark's wedding

and another 13 days after that...6 week photoshoot

-May 29, 2013-

One year later, we have our beautiful, spirited, loving, amazing little boy, Alden, here with us. We never could have imagined, on that afternoon, standing in our kitchen embracing each other with brand new butterflies in our stomachs, how incredible this journey would be. It almost hurts to be this happy :)

our gorgeous little boy

Alden Peter, we are so INCREDIBLY happy that you are ours :)

much love, L&N

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