May 16, 2013

when you were born.

Last week, I got a coupon code in my email from Destination Maternity for a free 8x8 hardcover photo book from Shutterfly. I love photo books and I have at least 3 books worth just sitting in my computer that I never get around to actually turning into, I figured this was a great time to try and get some of those photos out of my computer and into our house :)

Since the 8x8 photo books default to 20 pages (which isn't a ton of space for photos), I decided that I would make Alden his first small memory book. I titled it "When You Were Born" and made him a whole book of just the first couple days of his life. It has photos of us before we went to the hospital, all of our hospital photos from the night he was born, some of his newborn photos from the day after and I captioned most of the book to describe the day.

I was always fascinated as a child to hear about the day I was born so I'm hoping he enjoys having his own little book to describe the night he came into the world. :)

I think it's such a sweet way to remember his day :)

p.s. I would definitely recommend Shutterfly for photos books if you want something simple, with a lot of templates to choose from and if you don't want to do a lot of customizing. My go-to photo book sites are Blurb or Artifact Uprising for super customized, gorgeous products. bonus: shutterfly allows you to link to facebook and instagram, plus getting photos from your own computer which makes adding photos a breeze!

much love, L&N

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