October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I really love Halloween. I don't know why, but I do :)

This year, we're going low key since Alden is still too little to really be able to do much (trick or treating before you can walk is weird…) and I never managed to find the time to decorate the house for the occasion. Also, I am a tad depressed that I cannot eat my weight in Halloween candy without anyone judging me (over-processed and chocolatey candy is certainly not dairy/soy free). All of you out there who are currently chowing down on miniature Snickers and tiny boxes of Nerds should be grateful for every sugary bite ;)

We are going to do a tiny bit of celebrating at home, though. I mean, it's Alden's first Halloween! The little baby pumpkin that we got at the pumpkin patch has been patiently waiting on our dining room table to be decorated by our little man and now is finally the time to do it!

Our plan was to decorate the pumpkin with Alden last night but an overly tired and slightly feverish little boy decided that Halloween night would be better. I can't wait to show you the final product! I am hoping that he will enjoy the process, even if he won't remember it :)

Alden has been celebrating Halloween all week with his outfit choices for school...errr, or his Mama has :) Get a load of this cutie patootie!

Daddy's little monster :) 

Grandma's little monster :) 

me in my most Halloween-y outfit (neon and black is appropriate, right?) and my little skeleton :)

this is a skeleton onesie that glows in the dark.
pretty much the most amazing piece of baby clothing I have ever seen

Mickey Mouse! 

Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe tonight and enjoy your candy! ;) 

much love, L&N

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  1. Eeee! Mickey Mouse!!! Love all his outfits- he puts B to shame with his Halloween themed wardrobe