October 15, 2013

local love: Treehouse Kid & Craft

A local shop, Treehouse Kid & Craft, offers Baby Sensory classes twice a week for babies aged 6 months- 12 months that focus on the exploring the 5 senses. Every week there's a different topic (the first week we went it was Suds & Bubbles) and the experience is a hands-on way to introduce your baby to new sights, sounds, and textures. 

Let me start by saying we L-O-V-E Treehouse. It's such a smart and comfortable space with retail, crafting, learning, and fun (!) all present in one place. Most of their products are responsibly sourced, ethically sound, and/or eco-friendly and everything they sell is obviously carefully curated by the shop owners. We feel confident that anything we buy there will be a home run. 

To top it all off, they offer regular crafting classes for kids that range from painting to yarn crafts to beginner's sewing (check out their class offerings here). When we first discovered Treehouse I was so excited to, one day, be able to participate but all of their classes were better suited to older children... womp womb :( 

Theeeennnnn...they started offering Baby Sensory and I was so excited! Not only was there going to be a class especially made for our little ones, but there was a Groupon for half off the cost of classes! Nick & I swooped in, bought a couple Groupons and quickly used our first one on the Suds & Bubbles class one Saturday morning. 

See the following for Alden's reaction :) 

paying close attention to the teacher...

and getting some reassurance from Mama

let the bubble play begin! 
There were large pieces of white paper set up for each child and the teacher would blow bubbles onto the paper for the babies to touch and watch pop. The bubble solutions were dyed with food coloring and when the bubbles pop on the paper, they leave a splatter of dye on the paper. The final product is a baby-made piece of bubble art :) I love Alden's so much that I'm going to frame it- it's really that cool!

playing in the sudsy water

now he gets it! waiting for more bubbles :) 

Quick! Pop it!

he loved to catch the bubbles and watch them pop on the paper! 

We can't wait to get back to Treehouse for more Baby Sensory fun! In the meantime, I'm just going to be over here, admiring my little guy's first masterpiece :) 

much love, L&N

p.s. sorry for all of the down-my-shirt action in the photos :/ there's not much you can do about it when you're down on the floor with the baby...

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