October 30, 2013

Mama Moments: Vol. One

I realized the other day as I was sifting through old blog posts that I have been pretty good about posting about the stuff we do but I haven't really posted about how we feel about all of the new and wonderful things we are experiencing now that Alden is here.

Since I am not good at keeping a diary (I've tried so many times and have failed miserably every time...am I the only one who feels silly "talking" to a piece of paper?!) and since Nick & I are very much technology people, starting the blog felt like a great way to integrate the qualities of a diary, scrapbook, and baby book all into one comfortable place. I love this blog, I love the opportunity it gives me to share our adventures (big & small) with our family and friends but I also want to make sure that in 5 years when I'm nostalgically reading through old posts, that I find some of the special things that I have been neglecting to write here. Not neglecting on purpose, just forgetting that they belong here too- right in the middle of trips to the pumpkin patch and monthly updates on Alden.

So, this is my first installment of Mama Moments. I'm going to periodically check in with myself to write down the things that make me catch my breath, get teary-eyed, or beam with joy now that I am a Mama because, really, in the end, these are the things that I will treasure the most. Maybe you'll like reading them and maybe you'll be bored :)

Alden, you won't remember any of these moments but you should know that your Mama has been falling in love with you since the moment we met. When you are 16 and I cry the first time you drive away in your car, you will think I am silly but I will be thinking about all of these tiny pieces of time when you were so small and new. And then, maybe one day, you will have a baby of your own and you will stare at that tiny thing you created and will wish with all of your might that you never forget what their tiny hands feel like or how sweet they look when they fall asleep in your arms. Then, you'll understand why all of these moments are so precious to me and why I want to remember them forever :)

-the sweet, intoxicating smell of your skin
-the way your tiny fingers wrap around my thumb while you nurse yourself to sleep
-your giant toothy grin when Daddy & I walk in to pick you up from school
-the moment when I am stressed and anxious and you stop nursing for just long enough to glance up at     me and give me the sweetest smile, reminding me of the important stuff right away :)
-on early mornings when Daddy brings you into bed with us and you fall asleep curled up next to me
-the way your chest rises under my hand when I'm patting you to sleep. warm, rhythmic and so peaceful
-the joy on your face when you get to play in the dog's water bowl :)
-the little baby laugh you have when you throw your bib on the floor for the dogs to sniff
-your full-on belly laugh when you and Daddy play silly games in your room
-the way you pull yourself up on the end of your crib to smile at whoever comes in to get you from your nap
-watching how hilarious you are when you don't want to eat something, you just spit it out over and over again until we stop giving it to you! you definitely have strong opinions and you're not afraid to let us know what they are ;)
-the way your Daddy looks at me when we're all cuddling together, like he's realizing all over again how much he loves us :)
-your SUPER FAST army crawl that you bust out whenever you want to get to something ASAP
-the way you "bark" at the dogs :)
-your sweet little babbling while you're playing, or laying in your crib, or sitting in your car seat. you're trying to tell us so many things!

and a million more little things that make it so amazing to be your Mama. I love you, little boy.

much love, L&N

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