November 6, 2012

some electronic thank you's

We have a couple posts in the works on the 26 week belly and other updates but I wanted to take a few minutes to send out some virtual "Thank You's" to some people who have sent us some wonderful gifts!

The baby gear is definitely increasing and the more stuff we get, the more excited we get for him to be here and use it all :)

First, here's a shot of some of the great things that my Mom & Dad have sent our way over the last few weeks.

Our first batch of cloth diapers!, an adorable gator bib and some toys and accessories
We were so excited to get our first set of cloth diapers (we're using the Elemental All-in-Ones by Bum Genius) in orange for Halloween! Also, the pillow will look so cute in the rocking chair where I'm sure we'll be spending a lot of time :) Thank you, Mom & Dad! We are so appreciative of all you do for us and for the little one! 

Here's a photo of the contents of a wonderful box that was sent to us by a life-long family friend, referred to as Aunt Kiki by my brother and I. 

such necessary stuff!
I was pretty excited to get this box full of goodies, especially since I've been freaking out lately about not having "the essentials". This is all stuff that we definitely needed and kept forgetting about! Thanks again, Kiki! We really appreciate it :)

This wasn't gifted but we got such a great deal that I wanted to brag a little ;) It's a Medela Pump-in-Style breast pump with the Metro bag and removable pump, plus some accessories like bottles, storage bags, and a cooler. We knew we needed to get a breast pump before the baby was here because we're hoping to go breast milk only. We had been stalking Craigslist for weeks to find a good one and we were so thankful to find a woman who was willing to cooperate with us from a distance (she was in Atlanta). I know, a lot of people think buying things like breast pumps used is gross and unsanitary but everything that has touched milk or breasts can be sterilized and/or replaced with new parts from Medela. Also, there are so many women who buy pumps and then either can't or choose not to breastfeed which leaves them stuck with a very expensive and practically new pump. We figured there was no reason to spend almost $400 on something that we could get for less than half of retail, especially since the one we found is less than a year old and was only used for a couple of weeks. We snagged all of this (which includes more than a brand new pump would) for $125! Bargain baby shoppers, unite! :)

This next photo is a virtual thank you for Vicki & Jes, who have sent us so many cute outfits over the last couple of months! We love all of them and are so excited to finally get to see him in all of these adorable get-ups in just a couple months :) Thank you!! 

This last photo is actually to commemorate the first clothing purchase that Nick & I made for little man :) We hadn't bought any clothes before we knew his gender so after we found out, we went and bought him his first outfits from Mommy & Daddy. So sweet!

This last photo is a belated shout-out to my cousin, Anna who made (yes, made! so crafty!) us this adorable elephant :) We're thinking of adding his name to it and using it as a door hanger for the nursery but we were so happy to have one of our first pieces of decor. It made it even better that it was handmade by one of his amazing family members! Thanks again, Anna! (Also, Anna has two wonderful blogs of her own, Pura Vida and Kindergarten Khronicles. Check them out!)

Keep watching for our 26 week update this week and the name reveal (for those who don't already know) in a week or so!

much love, L&N

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