November 8, 2013

8 months!

Alden's eighth month was pretty eventful! He started crawling on all fours, really began pulling up on everything he could get his hands on, tried out a lot of new foods and had his first Fall and Halloween experiences :) This was also the month that we started the dairy and soy free diet to help his eczema/allergy symptoms so that was a big change (more for us than for him, but still). 

Mama, I found the stroller! 

he figured out how to stand up behind his highchair and pull down all of his bibs :)
At the beginning of the month we headed over to Alabama for my cousin Anna's baby shower where Alden got to be the center of attention in a room full of ladies :) He flirted with pretty much everyone and had a great time watching (more like staring) at the little girls who were there. He thinks older kids are fascinating- pretty much every day as we leave his school, he wants to stop and watch the big kids play on the playground. It's like he's studying up for the day he'll be out there :) 

playing in the floor at the shower

Now that he's been out of the infant tub for a while for bath time, he's really started to take advantage of his bath freedom :) He's crawling, climbing and splashing the whole time- actually getting him clean is a process! 

He is so mobile it's hard to keep up with him! He loves to play with his stacking cups, blocks, and in starting to get interested in stuffed animals. When you read him a book he spends most of his time trying to take the book out of your hands so he can turn the pages :) He rarely sits in the floor and plays anymore, he's much too interested in exploring! It's like his whole being is so focused on the physical aspects of his development lately that the other stuff has fallen away for now. 

He spends lots of time climbing up me and Nick when we sit in the floor with him and he chews on everything, all. the. time. He has 4 teeth but numbers 5 and 6 are close behind. He loves sweet potatoes, avocado and bananas but he eats pretty much anything we give him. He's gone through some phases where he's been a little resistant to new textures (like when we thickened his pea puree) but he's typically ready to try again in a week or so. 

He "talks" a lot, especially in the mornings when he wakes up, and has started making "one-word" sounds. He usually says these little "words" when he's interested in something and wants to see it, when he's excited or when he wants to get our attention. I'm starting to be able to figure out what he wants based more on his vocalizations and it's pretty cool to see him learn how to use sounds for specific reasons. 

So many changes happen from 6-9 months, it's hard to keep up with them! I find that it's hard to even remember what was happening at 7 months, or 8 months vs. 9 months, etc. Everything happens quickly  and once they start doing something new it becomes the new normal so fast that things blur together. It reminds me that I really need to be better at jotting down little things in between my big monthly posts- I feel like there are so many little, wonderful things that I'm forgetting about. I can't believe how fast they grow up!! 

Onto the photos :) 

my little pumpkin with his 1st pumpkin!

1st FaceTime call with Mama

hanging out with Daddy on our Daddy Son Day :) 

first morning cold enough for a sweater! 

opening his Halloween treat from Mimi & PopPop.
Can't wait to get some holiday photos in that adorable outfit!

in my Halloween costume from Grandma & Far Far :)

he doesn't even sit still when he's strapped in! 

helping push the cart at Target :)

sneak peak of our family photos from this month.
we caught him crawling for the first time ON CAMERA! it was awesome :)

I've noticed that I have less photos on my phone from month to month now. This is not because I don't want to take a million photos of my little dude, it's because he never sits still! I'm just going to have to learn to love blurry little faces in all of my photos :)

Pretty soon, I'm going to be writing a 1st birthday post and it makes me sad that he's growing up so fast! I guess I have to remember to slow down and soak it all in a little more often :)

much love, L&N

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  1. B never sits still either- and whenever I break out the phone/camera, he's instantly up in my face trying to take it from me. The amount of photos I've taken of him since he became mobile have significantly decreased :(