November 4, 2013

officially dairy soy free

Today we went to Alden's 9 month appointment and it's official, we are dairy soy free until at least his 1st birthday. 

His eczema is essentially gone and we think we have seen some improvement in his sleep as well. The chronic runny nose and occasional cough are still hanging around but our Ped thinks that there are enough other potential causes for these symptoms to warrant a watch-and-wait approach. 

What we know: eliminating dairy and soy has kept his skin clear and that's enough to make it worth it. We talked about the possibility of eliminating eggs and/or wheat at some point in the future if we really wanted to try and figure out whether the cold-like symptoms are linked with a food allergy but we're taking it one step at a time. 

There is much more to say but I'll have to write up a full post later. This Mama is tired and I'm heading to bed early :)

much love, L&N 

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