November 5, 2013

local love: Ideal Bagel Co.

Today we're going to talk about bagels.

In Athens, we have a fantastic local bakery, Luna Bakery Co., that bakes fresh, preservative free breads and supplies it to local restaurants and grocery stores. They have a stand at the Athens Farmer's Market every week and we have bought their bread many times. All of them have been delicious :)

Well, Luna has branched out and has opened a sister store, Ideal Bagel Co. right next door! (The bakery, Ideal Bagel, and Treehouse Kid & Craft are all in the same building!) Ideal doesn't seem to have a website up and running yet, but here's a link to their Facebook page.

We stopped by Ideal to grab lunch after our most recent Baby Sensory Class (here's where I talked about the first time we tried this class) and we were definitely impressed with the offerings! Since I'm dairy/soy free I went with a create-your-own sandwich on freshly baked Luna sourdough and Nick got one of their signature sandwiches on an onion kaiser roll, called the Tresper.

I had turkey with mustard, house made pickles (delicious!), lettuce, super fresh tomatoes, and onion. It was simple, fresh, and the perfect little lunch for a Saturday afternoon. The Tresper has roast beef, 3 pepper jack cheese, red onions, and spicy mayo. Since it was all dairy/soy'd up, I couldn't taste it but Nick said it was really yummy :)

We will definitely go back for bagels because I can't wait to try their smoked fish!

the magical place where they keep the house smoked fish, homemade pickles and other delights :)

Nick's Tresper

my create-your-own sandwich
Go try this yummy spot, Athenians!

much love, L&N

p.s. there is so much I have in the hopper for the blog! as soon as I can get all the photos off the camera, I have a pumpkin decorating post, Alden's 8 month recap, some food stuff, more baby stuff, etc. Keep reading! :) 

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