November 19, 2012

glucose test: passed

Last Thursday I did the dreaded (or, at least, dreaded by me) 28-week glucose test that screens for gestational diabetes. I was really nervous about the results because I really, really, really wanted to pass. Even though I know that developing gestational diabetes is not dependent on diet, weight, or any specific behavior, there was still a part of me that was scared to be diagnosed with it. These fears were even more ridiculous since this test is simply a screening test and about 30-50% of women "fail" this initial screening only to go on and pass the 3-hour diagnostic test with flying colors.

Long story short, I passed! :) I'm happy to know that everything is still progressing healthily and that another of the hurdles has been cleared. Only 11 1/2 weeks left until full-term so cheers to clearing the rest of the hurdles along the way!

much love, L&N

p.s. they also test your iron levels at 28 weeks and mine were normal...this is a slight surprise because I have easily slipped back and forth across the anemic line in the past and when this is the case, pregnancy often brings full-on anemia. I have resisted taking an oral iron supplement because they make me sick and my midwife has been supportive of me using my diet as the primary method of increasing my iron intake. We had been waiting on the 28 week screening to see if our plan was working and I am happy that it is. Also, I would give other mommas-to-be the advice that you don't always HAVE to take every supplement that the books tell you to, sometimes good ole' nature works just as well :)

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