November 28, 2012

our town.

I just found this video, thanks to a very cool guy named Mark Lamoreaux- fellow MPH'er here in Athens, and wanted it to be saved in posterity on our blog (ya know, since this is really our little life diary in electronic form).

I love where we live. I love this little place so much. I will be really, really, really sad to leave when the time comes.

Athens, you rock our socks off.

This has inspired me to make sure that we take advantage of everything we can while we're still here (until Nick finishes the PhD) and to document all of the things Alden gets to experience about this wonderful place we call home so that maybe one day, he'll fall in love with Athens, too :)

much love, L&N

p.s. if this video makes you want to visit us (which it totally should, because Athens has crazy good food, great music and more bars per capita than anywhere else in the country...), come on down! We have a spare room and love to play host :)

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  1. Nobody ever comes to Athens and not fall in love with it!