November 9, 2012

i love lamp!

Just a quick update to share a few things we've bought for the nursery!

I knew that I wanted to find a table lamp for the dresser and a smaller lamp to put on the side table that we'll put next to our rocking chair. I wanted to create a little "breastfeeding station" for us so we're going to set up the rocking chair next to a side table with a small lamp and enough room for my Kindle and a glass of water. I'm hoping that it will create a calm corner for me to feed him and to pump when I need to.

We had been on the hunt for lamps for a while and finally got lucky! We got both the table lamp for the dresser and the smaller lamp for the side table at HomeGoods a couple days ago- and we got both for $60!

Here's the table lamp that we'll put on the dresser. I'm plotting what to do with the shade since this one is white and has some scuffs and dirty spots on it (got us a discount on it, though!). I think we'll try to use the shade as a way to bring in a bright, bold pop of color, especially since it's such a small piece of the room and won't be overwhelming.

bad lighting, but you can see the whole lamp

I love the geometric inspired shape with the glossy gray paint!

Now, this guy I'm in love with! It's the perfect little side table lamp, with such a great texture, color and shape. It feels masculine without being all metal and black and I love how it's made of a natural material, which helps to balance the metal accents that we're using in the room. 


so excited to get this room done and set up :)
Here's my favorite thing about the lamps...they look AWESOME together! The woven lamp has gray undertones that are brought out when you put the lamps next to each other- so I think they'll look great with the gray-washed furniture. 

match made in heaven

Also, the fabric that we fell in love with a while back is finally here! I had quite the challenge trying to find this fabric and I think I may actually have the last two yards in existence in the U.S. And no, I'm not exaggerating ;) 

it's perfect!


This fabric is made by Kokka Japan and is designed by Nancy Wolff, a graphic design artist based in New York. I love her designs because they are bold and interesting but also feel very organic and artistic. This fabric is called Elephants Blue and is part of a collection of her designs that feature circus-inspired scenes. I found the fabric on Fabricworm, the ONLY online retailer in the U.S. that still had any in stock, but was sad to find that they only had 1 yard left :( I continued searching and eventually found a couple retailers based in Japan that sold and shipped products to the U.S. So, Nick and I went on a let's-figure-out-how-to-order-stuff-from-Japan adventure and spent hours one night translating websites, converting currencies and reading about Customs and Trade regulations for importing fabric. Long story short, the fabric itself was going to be slightly cheaper but the shipping and potential customs charges for getting it into the country were going to make the total cost about twice what we would have had to pay Fabricworm. I was crushed (please note, I am completely aware of how ridiculous it is to get so attached to a fabric. #firstworldproblems). We started shopping around again, looking for another fabric to replace this one but that would have the same vibe and color family. After spending more hours trying to talk ourselves into liking another fabric enough to buy it, I accepted the fact that I was only going to settle for my Elephants Blue :) I contacted the customer service people at Fabricworm and basically begged them to special order some extra fabric or point me in the direction of someone who could sell me some (starting to sound a little like a drug deal, huh? haha!). After a few days, Fabricworm contacted me to let me know that they had found an extra yard of the fabric and now had the 2 yards that I needed!! They held the fabric for me so that no one else could buy it and it's finally in our house, ready to be cut and sewn into cute things for the nursery. So, so thankful for the extra time and attention Fabricworm gave to us and am so excited that we will be able to create the space we've been envisioning for baby boy! :) 

Now, I'm going to go read about maternal and child health research, politics and the struggles of restructuring our health care systems to counteract the fact that I just whined for a whole paragraph about not being able to get the fabric that I wanted ;) Gotta keep some perspective, people! 

much love, L&N

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